Divididos por la felicidad
[1985,Sony Music]

La leyenda argentina

.The Velvet Underground.


White Light/White Heat (w/ bonus tracks)
[Verve, 1968]

Versión con seis grabaciones caseras adicionales a esta hoya de disco. Lo mejor del Velvet en mi opinión... si no, pregúntenle a la madre Ray esa. Ella de seguro les dirá par de cosas.




Discografía completa en un file => (Divina Lluz, El Naval, Fai, La Vida)

L. request



Bueno, este es el primer pronostico de nosotros mismos.

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.Roaring Nineties V/A.


Roaring Nineties
[CLLCT, 2008]

Compilación hecha por el site The Collective Family (gracias Kristian!) donde varios de sus artistas sacaron de su tiempo para darle tributo a esta década tan amada/odiada por muchos de nosotros, con versiones en folk, electrónica, ambient , y noise de grandiosas noventosidades que te harán pensar en tiempos más simples. Este esfuerzo a lo DIY fue llevado acabo como medio de recopilar fondos para seguir corriendo el site... así que si alguno de ustedes se siente peculiarmente dadivoso, pueden hacer sus donaciones aquí.

1. Patrick Ripoll - Fu-Gee-La (Fugees cover)
2. Dustin and the Furniture - Semi-charmed Life (Third Eye Blind cover)
3. Tinyfolk - Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Elton John cover)
4. Children's Guide - Kiss From A Rose (Seal cover)
5. Eyes For Volume - Iris (Goo Goo Dolls cover)
6. James Eric - More Than Words (Extreme cover)
7. Campbell - Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer cover)
8. novemthree - Unbreak My Heart Oh Baby (Toni Braxton cover)
9. stars and thunderclouds - Bittersweet Symphony (Verve cover)
10. fire island, AK - angel (Sarah McLachlan cover)
11. porches - Same In The End (Sublime cover)
12. Manipulator Alligator - Waterfalls (TLC cover cover)
13. Existential Hero - Say My Name (Destiny's Child cover)
14. Grammar Rodeo - Lick It (20 Fingers cover)
15. SFIAS and The Anchorites - Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis cover)
16. fire island, AK - the freshman (The Verve Pipe cover)
17. Seven Dynasties Of Glass Children - Lovefool (Cardigans cover)
18. Eyes For Volume - Losing My Religion (REM cover)
19. Fudge - Suck My Kiss (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)
20. Shelby Sifers and the Sarcastic Dharma Society - Roll To Me (Del Amitri cover)
21. Uggamuga - Wannabe (Spice Girls cover)
22. the brooke (a tiny ocean) - Runaway Train (Soul Asylum cover)
23. The Not Band - As Long As I (Can Be With You) (Patti Scialfa cover)




.thom yorke.


Live @ Latitude 07.19.2009

1. the eraser
2. arpeggi
3. atoms for peaces
4. harrowdown hill
5. follow me around
6. everything in its right place
7. the present tense
8. cymbal rush
9. black swan
10. videotape
11. there there
12. true love waits

.bill evans & toots thielemans.

bill and toots

[Warner Bros,1978]




.The Intelligence.


[In The Red, 2008]

"Finberg's clearly earned his lambskin from the school of asshole rock, and recent tour dates with the Fall have only amplified his Mark E. Smith malaise. Deuteronomy's filled with uncharacteristically catchy songs for Finberg, many of them reminiscent of the Fall circa Grotesque (After the Gramme), the Cramps' mutant rockabilly, or Brainiac's surf cyborg wipeout. However, despite an array of ear-grabbing instrumentation and Finberg's frugal use of yelling and screaming, the vocals make a concerted effort not to touch upon any accessible melodies. The easy-going ditty "Tubes", for example, bops along an organ vamp copping "96 Tears", but instead of climaxing at a hummable chorus, the song peaks with Finberg shrieking a nasally "Fuck!"

Oddly enough, Finberg cites the Zombies and Bee Gees as Deuteronomy's key influences, a statement that initially sounds ridiculous until you realize how loose and playful the album is in relation to earlier works. "Secret Signals" begins like so much garden variety post-punk getting exorcised these days-- the drums/bass/guitar arrangement sterile and predictable, the rhythm stubbornly four-on-the-floor-- but then Finberg unleashes a bluesy, chopped-up chorus that's probably his best approximation of a song like "Care of Cell 44"'s complex chord changes. Some tracks here, when stripped of their strident noise rock exterior, even resemble some of rock's earliest and kookiest personalities. The eerie haunted house organ on "Block of Ice" and "How to Improve Your Hearing Without Listening"-- coupled with Finberg's crazed howls-- channels Screamin' Jay Hawkins, while the cosmic surf riffs on "Our Solar System" and "The Outer Echelon" recall so many 60s sci-fi program themes."