.Campo-Formio: Movie Trailer.

Teaser sobre la documentación de las aventuras de Campo-Formio en el extrangero... o más bien, el como Campo-Formio conquistÓ el extrangero.


.My Teenage Stride.


Ears Like Golden Bats
[Becalmed, 2007]

“Ears Like Golden Bats” is the third album by Brooklyn-based My Teenage Stride and the follow-up to 2005’s “Major Major” (Becalmed). At just under 40 minutes, Ears… gathers a collection of guitar pop gems that combine fatalism with not-yet-defeated hope, an inherent quality of many of Jedediah’s compositions. The references to Phil Spector, the Jesus & Mary Chain, and The Smiths are present in well-crafted and immediate tracks like “We’ll Meet At Emily’s,” “That Should Stand For Something,” and “Terror Bends.” Others such as “Reversal,” “Genie Of New Jersey” and “To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge” expand on those influences, sounding more atmospheric and reminiscent of The Chills and the pop side of John Cale and Brian Eno."

Esta gente tomó parte del line up del show de Campo-Formio en Brooklyn... espero que Farley y su camara se hayan encargado bien nice y no hayan hecho viajes a la barra durante su set, por que a la verdad que los videos de ellos que hay por ahí dejan mucho que desear.