.arvo pärt.

arvo pärt

[ECM, 1998]

Cuando escucho esto me siento mejor que si me enterrara un cuchillo en el corazón.
Triste se le queda corto.

Warning : this is quite possibly the most beautiful album you will ever own. Arvo Pärt has in the last few years become almost synonymous with the new wave of electronic/classical composers, one of the names almost always quoted (along with Steve Reich) as a primary influence. His blend of spiritual/sacred themes and an icy minimal neu-classical compositional style has won him masses of followers and turned heads of even people totally unconnected to the classical music genre, which maybe is his greatest gift. There is a tendency in classical music for the subgenres to become somewhat exclusive, and it can be difficult for fresher interested parties to penetrate the scene in any way whatsoever, but Pärt has become something of an entry point for so many and in that he is responsible for influencing a generation of musicians. 'Alina' is one of his most well known discs, and one of his finest, containing variations on two pieces; 'Spiegel Im Spiegel' and 'Fur Alina', both of which have been used in countless films. You might remember 'Spiegel Im Spiegel' being used in the documentary 'Touching the Void' or Gus Van Sant's unsettling buddy drama 'Gerry', and it's one of those works that while sounding familiar never fails to send shivers down your spine. This is a disc that I can safely say I can play almost any time, and I am always left stunned by Pärt's incredible ability to distil so much emotion and spirituality in his work. Whether you're a believer or not you can't help but feel moved by 'Alina', and any of you left floored by material from Marsen Jules, Max Richter, Ryan Teague or Greg Haines' owe it to themselves to find out where it all came from. Utter perfection. Tomado de Boomkat.com