Film School-Hideout(2007)

 Film School

If you've got some electrical engineering experience and a desire to get rich quick, here's my advice: Invent the Loveless effects pedal. You could pretty much charge whatever you want for it; while a few button pushes at the Sam Ash are all that separate you from getting the tone of Dimebag Darrell or whoever the DOD Grunge module is supposed to emulate, would-be Kevin Shields still go on Creation-style spending sprees to get anywhere near his sound. You're guaranteed brand loyalty as well, if Hideout is any indication. With an almost charming defiance, Bay Area foursome Film School are long on whooshy, gliding guitar lines and short on a whole lot that can distinguish them from the dozens of bands doing the same exact thing.

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welcome .Dri

Mr. Finchley dijo...

anda!...miss bootzy! Este cd mis roomates lo super fucking quemaron más q el kkk quema cruces.