.le volume courbe.

le volume courbe

I Killed My Best Friend
[Astralwerks, 1996]

First things first, lets have a look in the sleeve at some of the names which helped mix, write, record and produce this album; Kevin Shields, Keith Tenniswood, Hope Sandoval, David Roback and Colm O'Ciosoig... Bloody hell! The product of London based and Pays de la Loire born Charlotte Marionneau, Le Volume Courbe's debut LP 'I Killed My Best Friend' has been ten years in the making; accruing an all-star line up of contributors and highly distinct sound along the way. From the opening gambit of 'Harmony' you feel impelled to make comparisons to a Gaelic Broadcast, sharing as it does a particular affinity with their track 'Booklovers' and a more general impression of spiraling, frosted intent. Yet no sooner have you cracked open a pigeon-hole, Marionneau goes off on a tangent delivering a queasy composition that sounds rather like Hanne Hukkelberg. In a haunted house. On a boat. On rough seas. Elsewhere the title track is a vial of Shields produced pop which manages to make more of an impact in its 79 seconds than many songs 5 times that length, 'Sitting In Your Head' is an insistent acoustic rattle that isn't six degrees away from Ben Gibbard, whilst 'This & That' belies its Kevin Shields writing credit amongst the hushed rectitude of gently ebbing melodies. Closing with a break laden throb of avant-hop, 'I Killed My Best Friend' is a fabulous kaeldoscope for the ears which reveals new facets on each and every listen. Pump up the volume! tomado de boomkat.com

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