Second Stage: Fantasmes
by Robin Hilton

For the past few years, we've been featuring great unknown and unsigned artists on a program we call Second Stage. We originally started Second Stage because we were hearing and discovering so much great music, but just didn't have enough room or time to get all of it on All Songs Considered. So Second Stage became our place to showcase all these great artists that few people had heard of.

Starting today, Second Stage will become a regular feature of the All Songs Considered blog. For longtime fans of the show, you'll still be able to discover great music. You'll also be able to download the songs directly from the site.

Cover art for 'The Reveller,' the debut album from Fantasmes.

Our first band for the new blog version of Second Stage is a group called Fantasmes. It's a quartet from Puerto Rico, featuring the songs of frontman Mario Negron. The band describes its music as "shoegaze, indie, Hawaiian" and there's a nice, moody dreaminess to the music that I love. Fantasmes' debut album is called The Reveller, and this track is "A Sinister Garden."

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3 comentarios:

Minotaure dijo...

muy merecido.

saracho dijo...

super merecido, yo no sé por qué no están en world tour...

Maurice dijo...

primero tienen que pegan en japón...después es el world tour