1 Not A Number (4:00)
2 Hailin From The Edge (3:40)
3 Useless Information (4:04)
4 Limelight (4:12)
5 Holdon (4:11)
6 Fractales Pt.1 (3:34)
7 Fractales Pt.2 (2:07)
8 Birds (5:03)
9 Arcadia (5:10)
10 You Don't Know Me (4:25)
11 Headup (5:07)
12 Over And Over (5:08)
13 Like Porcelain (9:20)

The technoheads will surely get off on the cunning song structures, but Ring has made sure to load up each track with plenty of peripheral goodies as well: his deft mixing frequently unlocks the spatial magic of sound: hi-hats and hand claps arrive from unexpected angles to cripple a track’s erstwhile geometry. Paying attention to the hooks (and there are many) often results in delicious slaps to the face — lone hits from a reverbed kickdrum, surreptitious, acidic synth lines, and one-note piano themes sweep in black and taloned, like falcons. For me, these gritty surprises are important; they distinguish Apparat’s mode of pop as one that can integrate the popular/pretty with the rugged/curious to alluring effect. Listening to Walls, you can hear snatches of Kid A, TV on the Radio, Timbaland (the drums on “Arcadia” are stolen almost directly from “Promiscuous”), and the grander side of Kranky Records, all artfully attached to colorful, elastic skeletons of synth and drum tone. Dipping into so many wells can dilute a record; instead, I leave Walls feeling like I’ve tasted some pretty stiff concentrate.
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hmm...cómo describir esto...it's a smooth collage of electronica music that never quite lets go and never feels too overwhelming.

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