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crazy rythms

Crazy Rythms
[A&M, 1980]

1 The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness
2 Fa Ce La
3 Loveless Love
4 Forces At Work
5 Original Love
6 Everybody's Got Something To Hide
7 Moscow Nights
8 Raised Eyebrows
9 Crazy Rhythms
10 Paint it Black

The Feelies Reunite!
Think of a band you like and they probably like the Feelies [yup, that's you, weezer fans-chib]. The New Jersey act has made an impression on more than a few folks since the seminal Crazy Rhythms LP landed in 1980, but-- barring some reunion-like activity back in 2006-- they haven't played a proper live gig in over 15 years. Look for that to change this summer.

According to a Billboard.com report, the Feelies will reunite to open for Sonic Youth at the River to River Festival in New York City's Battery Park. The big gig goes down July 4, and it's sure to eclipse any other sort of celebrating that might be happening that day.
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