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poni hoax

Poni Hoax

01 She's On The Radio (3:27)
02 Budapest (5:29)
03 Carrie Ann (4:47)
04 Involutive Star (5:30)
05 Cheerleader In My Dreams (7:37)
06 Drunks And Painters On Parade (4:08)
07 I Shall Take It Anyway (4:45)
08 L.A. Murder Motel (5:29)
09 She Sells Anger (8:31)
10 Le Fil Du Temps (Piano Version) (3:17)

Poni Hoax delivered an impressive debut: catchy songs and entertaining arrangements wrapped in a group sound that is very hard to pigeonhole. Some media have mentioned the "mutant disco" trend, and there is some basis for that, but the music of these five young Frenchmen touches on more than one genre. It is resolutely French -- in the humor, melodies and self-sufficient attitude -- with Air, Arno, and Ludwig von 88 as reference points, but it also has the English Dandy aura of Roxy Music, David Bowie, or even Morrissey. The synth bass from early-'80s disco provides the album's backbone and its tie to the Tigersushi label's aesthetics. [...] the quality level never falls down, as each track introduces a new atmosphere -- no duplicates, no filler material, only fun, intelligent, unique whatever-pop. Lead singer Nicolas Ker gets extra points for his mock-seductive ténébreux tone.
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me acabo de enterar que esta gente va a sacar un disco nuevo...rejoice! esta canción no sale en el disco pero bueno...:

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