.the besnard lakes.

The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse

01.Disaster (5:42)
02.For Agent 13 (5:12)
03.And You Lied To Me (7:20)
04.Devastation (5:50)
05.Because Tonight (7:11)
06.Rides The Rails (4:56)
07.On Bedford And Grand (5:06)
08.Cedric's War (4:05)

[...]with so much downright scary potential, there’s no telling what this group can achieve. Their flutters of effects, long, frosted periods of sonic dormancy, perfectly balanced twin vocals, and general sense of space set them apart from the herd with a surety you only see in the elite. Like only the best can, they trudge along for ages finding their way through the darkness and manage to keep the listener at bay. At no point will you be impatiently wondering when things are going to ‘kick in,’ nor will you reach for the ‘skip’ button once the vocals emerge from the ether.

Their pallette works in a combination of several colors. The ghostly vocals, plodding tempo, and overall relaxed feel of Darkhorse conjure a wayyy-less-folk Brightblack Morning Light, while the more modern elements (pounding drums, synths, strings) recall the orchestral side of modern indie, the shoegaze movement, and indie’s newfound fixation, the dreaded prog-rock strain. Last but certainly not least, the gorgeous soprano belts of Jace Lasek will make you buckle like only The Beach Boys — or maybe Jon Thor Birgisson — can, though the restrained, single/double-vocal feel is light years away from the Wilson brothers’ complex group harmonies.

Once you’ve mapped them out and locked in their coordinates, all that’s left to do is drift. Besnard Lakes Are the Darkhorse will take care of the rest through an adventurous mindset and a keen ability to prune their sound down to the essential while ensuring their product remains a huge, lumbering beast.
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Aparentemente es imposible comenzar a hablar de The Besnard Lakes sin hacer referencia a The Beach Boys y The Arcade Fire. Ok, ahora luego de pasar por eso, The Besnard Lakes es una agrupación canadiense, que a la verdad están dando mucho de que hablar. Creo que la primera vez que conseguí este disco fue porque me encantó la portada. Es un disco muy balanceado, ninguna canción creo que sobrepase a la otra, y es toda una ola de emociones, que también, aunque difieren mucho se sienten completamente balanceadas. En mi opinión este es uno de los mejores discos que oí el año pasado.

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