.sébastien tellier.


[Lucky Number,2008]

Primera Parte
Segunda Parte

01 Roche (5:01)
02 Kilometer (4:18)
03 Look (4:34)
04 Divine (3:04)
05 Pomme (3:31)
06 Une Heure (3:51)
07 Sexual Sportswear (7:17)
08 Elle (4:37)
09 Fingers Of Steel (5:15)
10 Manty (3:31)
11 L'Amour Et La Violence (5:22)

Palli request. No me ha gustado mucho este disco, but man...s.t. is still mad cool in my book.

On a side note:

3 comentarios:

"Pablo Saracho" dijo...

I wonder what happens when daft punk is your friend.

chibi dijo...

well...normally it would prolly raise you coolness factor by about 10 points out of the bat. in this case se cancelan el coolness, but it doesn't hurt at all

LENA dijo...

some of my frenchness : ST is representing france in eurovision this year, i love his beard, i think he should win.