.panda bear.

Panda Bear

Person Pitch
[Paw Tracks,2007]

1 Comfy In Nautica (4:04)
2 Take Pills (5:23)
3 Bro's (12:30)
4 I'm Not (3:59)
5 Good Girl / Carrots (12:42)
6 Search For Delicious (4:53)
7 Ponytail (2:05)

Tiny Mix Tapes

Person Pitch as a whole-- and "Bros" in particular-- evokes the sunshine of Lennox's adopted Lisbon, Portugal home. But it's the kind of light best experienced with eyes closed-- with the rays filtered through eyelids, turning the world into various shades of red and orange. You can feel the warmth pouring out of the music and see abstractions of its inspirations-- that whole long list and more-- as they cycle around again and again and again.
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