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youth novels

Youth Novels
[LL Recordings,2008]

01. Melodies and Desires (3:52)
02. Dance Dance Dance (3:41)
03. I'm Good I'm Gone (3:09)
04. Let it Fall (2:42)
05. My Love (4:37)
06. Little Bit (4:34)
07. Hanging High (4:07)
08. This Trumpet in My Head (2:36)
09. Complaint Department (4:32)
10. Breaking it Up (3:41)
11. Time Flies (3:21)
12. Window Blues (3:59)

Twenty-one-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li Timotej Zachrisson, or Lykke Li for short, has been steadily building a buzz among the bloggers since late 2007, and for good reason. After all, a comely young artist with sumptuously fragile voice and a knack for extraordinary pop hooks, coming from a part of the world that simply can do no wrong when it comes to good, smart pop music, and whose debut full-length Youth Novels has been produced by Björn Yttling of indie darlings Peter, Bjorn & John, is the kind of stuff that begs for internet hype. And true enough, thanks to a knockout single in “Little Bit”, numerous popular YouTube clips (a bathroom performance by she and her band is especially charming), and a gregarious, energetic presence in concert, that groundswell of word-of-mouth appears to be cresting at just the right time: Youth Novels debuted at number one on the Swedish album charts, the ravenous UK music press has leaped boisterously onto the bandwagon, and a North American release date is imminent.
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awesome catchy cd and she's cute to boot.

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