[Temporary Residence Limited, 2007]

01.Amreik (3:18)
02.Indoor Swimming At The Space Station (10:29)
03.Seeing You Off The Edges (5:03)
04.Prelude For Time Feelers (5:48)
05.Requiem On Frankfort Ave. (2:41)
06.Radio Ballet (3:12)
07.(Intermission) (0:50)
08.After Nature (1:51)
09.Reciting The Airships (4:35)
10.Ostinato (6:08)
11.Hymn #1 (1:31)
12.Repose In Blue (9:18)

From the very first track, which greets you with orchestral woodwinds, we are immediately aware that this will be a novel stroll along the ambient boulevards of modern classical landscape. Matthew Cooper entrusts his fifth full length release to his home label, Temporary Residence Limited, which has already treated the post-rock and shoegazer palettes with bands like Mono, Explosions In The Sky, and Tarentel. Residing in Portland, Cooper's compositions have often been placed amongst the likes of Brian Eno, Christian Fennesz, and (his personal favorite) Max Richter. The minor harmonic progression of strings, organ and piano (that replace previously chosen guitars), display Cooper's ability to drift among the choice of instrumentation and exercise his contemporary and classically trained ear. Copia is an album saturated with emotion; and its ability to transfer that complex mental state of feelings through music is what makes this album one of the top accomplishments of the year.
Review de asmadeus en discogs.com

Esto sigue mucho en la vena de Richter. Música clásica, melancólica y preciosa.

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el review es fucking 'spot on!'. este niño es el hijo prodigo de max richter. nada mas que decir. genial.

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that's hot